Environeered, Shamrock’s brand of engineered hardwood  flooring, is designed to be environmentally conservative.

  • Environeered flooring looks like Solid hardwood flooring.  In fact, side by side, visually you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
  • Uses 1/4 of the lumber used in Solid flooring producing 4 times the yield.
  • Environeered features a premium Birch core for maximum dimensional stability.  1/2” Pre-Finished flooring features and a 3mm wear layer and 7-ply Russian Birch core.  5/8” Unfinished flooring features a 4mm wear layer and 9-ply Russian Birch Core
  • Plantation grown lumber is used for sustainability.
  • The versatility of Environeered hardwood flooring allows you to install most species On, Above or Below grade level with most species.
  • Shamrock Plank Flooring uses formaldehyde free adhesive in its manufacturing process and is CARB II compiant
  • Environeered is manufactured in the U.S.A. using American hardwoods so you can feel good about supporting products made by American workers.
  • Environeered flooring is CARB compliant.