Shamrock Plank FlooringInstallation

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installation constitutes acceptance of your flooring. You should have documented installation specifications outlined by the NWFA. If the floors do not meet your expectation or installation requirement DO NOT continue installing the floors and contact your retailer. Open boxes of over 10% of overall surface area constitutes acceptance and that the floor meets your requirements.

The success of your installation will rely heavily on proper jobsite conditions being met prior to the floors installation. Your Shamrock floor should not be brought on site until all windows and doors are installed and all drywall and paint or texturing is completed. Once on-site, your floor should be stacked in the area it is to be installed. Please allow time for proper acclimatization for Solid floors and Environeered flooring. Your flooring product should never be stored in an unheated area, or below grade. See NWFA Guidelines for more details on acclimation.

All NWFA installation guidelines should be adhered to when installing your floor whether using adhesives or fasteners.

Your Shamrock floor is unique; knots, mineral streaking and color variations are all part of your floors’ character. If boards are deemed less attractive, these should be placed in inconspicuous spots. Consult with your installer prior to final installation.


As Shamrock Plank Flooring has no control over installation methods or site conditions, we cannot warranty any installation or site related issue. Shamrock Plank Flooring assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. This writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the warranty and is in lieu of all other expressed and/or statutory warranties. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights as they vary from state to state.

Any damage caused to the flooring as a result of the following will void this warranty:

Hardwood Floor Installer Responsibility

Your installer is responsible for the proper handling, storage and installation of your hardwood floor. This includes final inspection of flooring prior to installation. Shamrock’s warranty does not cover flooring with visible defects once it is installed. The installer is also responsible for making sure the flooring is installed over an acceptable, suitable sub-floor.

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