Real Hardwood Flooring by Shamrock: Natural Beauty & Enduring Value

Nothing enhances the beauty and value of a home like Shamrock Plank Flooring

  • Design Flexibility: The variety of colors, textures, finishes and wood grains available in our North American hardwood provides infinite design possibilities.
  • Long Life: The durability of our Solid and Environeered floors makes them ideal choices for any room of the house, including high-traffic areas, kitchens and entryways.
  • Green Building: Hardwood is completely renewable, recyclable, and sustainable.
  • Improved Air Quality: Because wood doesn’t collect dust or other allergens, many health professionals agree that wood floors are a good choice for a healthy home.
  • Solid Investment: Real estate agents nationwide agree that homes with hardwood floors sell faster, and for higher prices than homes without.
  • Made in the U.S.A.: Shamrock Flooring is milled and manufactured in Montezuma, Indiana and Memphis, Tennessee.


The Finest Floors

Making quality hardwood flooring requires well-trained and dedicated people, modern equipment and high quality lumber, all of which are integral to Shamrock Plank Flooring.

Shamrock Plank Flooring is a part of the Shannon Lumber Group, a century-old timber and saw milling company that sells only the highest quality North American hardwoods to discriminating buyers worldwide. The lumber is then graded, cut, molded, matched and packaged by an expert team who fashion each square foot with pride and precision. The craftsmanship of our planks ensures trouble-free installation and a beautifully matched floor. A Shamrock plank floor adds timeless, natural and unique character to your space.

Our plank flooring will stand the test of time and satisfy the critical eye of the builder, the architect, the developer and the homeowner alike. When over a hundred years of hardwood experience is united with unparalleled quality standards, a masterpiece is the natural result.

Browse our selection of unfinished, pre-finished and hand scraped Solid and Environeered Plank floors in Red Oak, White Oak, American Black Walnut, Hickory and Maple.


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